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Welcome to Redbeard's Homepage

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Note. This website is growing fitfully. Please bear with me as I expand sections, revise the style and layout, and remove those annoying More to Come banners.

Who am I? My name is Michael Johnson. I recently moved to Carthage, Missouri to be with my wife, Dorcia. I was most recently employeed as an engineering technician at Guardian Fiberglass at Inwood, WV, where I did everything from troubleshooting packaging equipment to maintaining their network to working on an intranet system. I had to leave that position to move here and thus am currently searching for gainful employment (See my résumé). And I do all sorts of other stuff, some of which will be here.

What can you see here? You can find out a little bit about me and this homepage. You can look at my photo album which is mainly pictures of my daughter, although there are some of me and others in it too. And you can take a look at my résumé.

Are You Seeing the Whole Picture?

When you go to a website, how do you know if you're seeing what the designer wanted you to see? You don't. I've designed this site to be fast loading and usable by most browsers. That means that some of the look may be sacrificed in some cases. How do you know? Check out my Compatibility page to find out how close what you see is to what I want you to see and how you can make things better.

Print Me!

Have you ever been to a web page that you just couldn't print out? Or it didn't look right printed? Maybe it was a dark background with light text (like mine) and printing it just didn't look right. Maybe it had menu bars that showed up when printed, but you just wanted the text. I hate that type of page. Because of that, I've changed this site so that all the pages are printable, in modern browsers, at least. They all print with a white background and black text, no menu, and the stuff at the top of the page doesn't print at all. You can even print with background colors and images turned on (actually, a good idea for some of these pages). Go ahead and try it. Print this page! And see the About page for more information.